Sunday, 30 November 2014

baptism today -30 Nov 2014 - baby Adam

Baby Adam John Alexander Diffey son of Katie and Colin Grandson of Sheila and Terry Quinn of Pennington

children's liturgy 30 Nov 2014 - Adam&Eve

Today's bible story was that of Adam and Eve being tempted by the serpent devil to eat from the forbidden tree of life. We were told that God, on discovering that both Adam and Eve had eaten the forbidden fruit (which has now been symbolised by an apple) then banished the couple from Eden.

The children then coloured a picture of an apple and placed an apple on the Christmas tree to remind us that Adam and Eve defied God and were then removed from the garden of Eden, which was the original paradise.

Adams apple was it really an apple or quince

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Advent is coming ...


children's liturgy 23 Nov 2014 Christ the king

The theme discussed in children's liturgy this Sunday was the feast day of Christ the king and the children coloured a crown in different colours
Here is a link to explain what the feast day is about...


In addition the subject of feeling miserable was discussed and the importance of a smile to make others feel good
the mona Lisa was used as an example
one of the children said
she smiles through her eyes
and that is very true

More smiles

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Christmas fair Sunday day two 23/11/2014

The Christmas fair was extended to Sunday after mass.Again it proved popular and many small gifts were bought with loved ones in mind hence all the dog treats sold out :+)

La Churreria, Lymington - Spanish Family Restaurant owned by Monica

There is a very good Spanish Restaurant in the small square off the High Street on the same side as Tesco lower down towards the mid to bottom part..It is run by one of our Parishoners....Monica and her Husband and Family.

The actual address is:-
12 Earley Court, New Forest, Lymington SO41 9EP
and the type of food they do is:-

La Churreria provide high quality Authentic Tapas, Churros and Paella, freshly cooked and served in a relaxing and unique off high street environment. Open indoors and al fresco in our lovely courtyard: 10am to 4pm Monday to Weds inc 10am to 9pm Thurs to Sat inc venue also available for private hire We serve top quality barista made coffee, speciality teas and infusions and fresh shakes and smoothies. Not to mention Valor Cao, the best hot chocolate that Spain has to offer. We are happy to announce we are now fully licensed and stock a small but high quality range of Spanish Wines and beer and some speciality spirits. This does mean we can no longer accommodate BYO (bring your own) A great place to come along and enjoy a relaxed time Come on in, we are eager to meet you and share our passion for food and drink

the review site is:-

Monica and her husband and Family are parishoners of OUR LADY and St Josephs church so if you fancy a real coffee and a Spanish ambience to remind you of a holiday in Spain pop in and see them.


Saturday, 22 November 2014

Penny Davies died tragically in Beaulieu recently while attending horses

I recently drove through Beaulieu and taking the long way round to Dibden, I happened to drive past a field displaying flowers and bouquets of condolance at the gate. I suddenly realised it was related to the case of the mother Penny Davies who was recently murdered, quite a shocking case to have happened in such a quiet tranquil part of the countryside. The case is still under investigation and not concluded and police are still seeking witnesses. However, some weeks ago I spoke to two people one of which has a horse in the next field to the one Penny was found in and another lady who told me she was a close personal friend of Penny for many years before she moved away from Waterside to Poole.
To think she has left 5 children and was reported to be a very nice person compounds the loss. The circumstance is quite tragic and very close to home. Life is quite precious and to have lost it in this way is such a terrible waste. Our prayers and thoughts will be with the family as they face the inevitable trial and aftermath of such a shocking crime. People are still leaving flowers at the gate of the field and it reflects the part she played in the community.....a great loss.
May she rest in peace.

The murderer of a mother-of-five stabbed to death while tending to her horses may have followed her for miles to the paddock where she was found, police said today.
Penelope ‘Pennie’ Davis, 47, was discovered by her husband Pete in a field last Tuesday in the New Forest near Beaulieu.

Ebola Outbreak in West Africa - The need to help stem the outbreak

Last week the outbreak of the EBOLA disease in West Africa was mentioned in our Bidding prayers...
I recently witnessed a news report were a a man had brought his wife to the gates of a new hospital built to treat EBOLA sufferers. It was upsetting to see that the husband was unable to have his wife admitted to the hospital for treatment as it was claimed she had not been diagnosed by the medical staff as having contracted EBOLA. The film crew filming the newly commissioned hospital had tried to precipitate the admission of the sick woman, who now lay prostrate on the ground outside the gates of the hospital by mentioning the incident to one of the sponsoring ministers. The minister was seen phoning some medical staff to have the woman admitted to the new hospital and though it was assured she would soon be admitted, both the lady and her now newly sick husband lay languishing still outside the gates of the hospital desperate for help. Prior to that I had not really paid much attention to the outbreak but that small story brought it very much to life. It was rank inhumanity to have a brand new complex dedicated to the treatment of EBOLA and to see two obvious victims left to their own devices outside the gates. The crowd of on lookers were too affraid to approach the couple due to the fear of contracting the highly contageous disease.

I understand that the Catholic Relief Services are trying to fight the disease and help the victims....
in brief they CRS issued this information and below is a link to donate to the fund.....
If you can spare some small amount please donate to such a worthy cause......

In March 2014, an outbreak of Ebola was confirmed in Guinea, which borders Liberia and Sierra Leone where cases of the deadly virus were soon reported. To date, more than 13,500 people have been identified as testing positive for Ebola and more than 4,500 have died. The rate at which these numbers are climbing is both tragic and alarming.

Catholic Relief Services is working around the clock to stem the deadly outbreak of the virus by educating people about how it is spread so they can avoid becoming infected.

This is the American arm of the CRS there may be a UK equivalent.....lookup on google to donate.;jsessionid=E58802C34766FF7E407E17BFBF0820F2.app263b?7200.donation=form1&df_id=7200&s_src=emergencypage

There is further information here about the growing tragedy and how families are being torn apart.....

Marshmallow in Lymington Madeleine.

You may or may not have noticed Len and Francoise's daughter Madeleine's new Marshmallow stall in Lymington market (on the end of wind swept Elliots opposite Costas and Boots) but she has been there some months now. She is trading under the name of Harley Sweet (no pun intended) which rhymes with a famous medical street in London....However, if you haven't yet tried it go try one of her Hot Chocolate Toppers now the winter is closing in. Made by hand and from local produce her stall is proving popular with the locals but any extra support is appreciated.......

here is her blog to tell you more.....

The Christmas craft fair Saturday 22 Nov 2014

Today was the annual Christmas Craft fair held in Joseph's Place.
staged from 10am - 1pm on Sat 22/11/2014. Though it was raining and there was a competing event over in the Masonic Hall opposite,  the fair  was still busy and attracted some new visitors to the parish. The teas and Coffees provided by the CWL ladies proved popular as ever and at 60p for a cup of tea and free biscuit what more could you ask for,,,,,

The Fair Featured hand made crafted items including
silver jewelry, felt embroidery and Maria's gifts from Portugal made by herself and her Daughter.
Ideal for that special unique Christmas gift for family and friends. The collection proved popular and a bargain too.
The Fair will be extended tomorrow for an hour just after 10:30am mass. 23/11/2014
Please come and show your support....