Sunday, 31 January 2010


Cinderella is still waiting for Prince Charming to arrive with a coat that exactly fits her. This picture, taken before the beginning of last week's Parish Dinner, is of Ellen, rashly having left her outer garment in the hotel cloakroom before she found out that Thursday is Coat-Swapping Day at the South Lawn. (You can see that Tom and Margaret had been tipped off about it, so kept theirs on!) But seriously, this is no weather for Ellen to be short of a coat, so please, if you are the owner of a three-quarter length coat in a sort of pinkish lilac (well, use your imagination, then!) check that it is really yours. If you do find it, please ring Ellen on 677363 or email her at

Sunday, 24 January 2010

What were they doing in Bournemouth?

Last weekend there was a conference at Bournemouth organised by the Portsmouth Diocesan Department for Pastoral Formation . The four that were sent to represent our parish were Clare, Peter, Jill and Cathy. We are sure they must have been working hard all weekend. So why are they looking so relaxed? (No need to put your answers on a postcard, just click on "comment" below.)

Prayer Workshops at Brockenhurst

This is a picture of Mary (on the right) and her friend Briji, who together present the Brockenhurst Workshops called Ways of Praying. Mary is a parishioner of St Anne's, who is currently completing an M.A. in Christian Spirituality at Sarum College. She has her own blog at We shall keep a link to it in our right hand column.


Lymington Churches Together held a joint service for Christian Unity at our Church last Sunday. It was led by Fr Jamie, and among the readers were the Rev Peter Salisbury, the Vicar of St Thomas Anglican Church, at the front on the right of this photo, and Sandra Jackson of the United Reform Church nearest to the camera on the left.

Thursday, 21 January 2010


Jacqueline and Bernard were among the early arrivals at our annual Parish nosh-up, which this year was held at the South Lawn Hotel.
Now here's a couple of swells! Peggy and John look ready to burst into song, don't they! (Perhaps we'd better pass on to the next group!)
Freda, Jessie, Bruno and Joan enjoy a little sip of something to tantalise the taste buds, before being ushered ever so politely into the dining room, where we must leave them to enjoy a very satisfactory meal. Our thanks to Patricia for organising this pleasant social occasion so well.


This is the annual week of prayer for Christian Unity. Members of congregations from the Anglican, Catholic, Baptist, Methodist and United Reform Churches together with Quakers and members of the Salvation Army pray together that we may all one day be part of a single united Christian Church. Here are some of those who attended a joint service last Sunday afternoon enjoying tea, cake and a chat afterwards in the beautiful old church of St John the Baptist at Boldre.


Officers of the Catholic Women's League preparing for their first meeting of 2010, due to start a few minutes after this photo was taken. Nearest the camera is Patricia, the chairman, and next to her is the treasurer, Deirdre. At the far end the secretarial duo of Anne and Freda are finalising their arrangements (Anne is the one who has been told that the heating is on.)

Thursday, 14 January 2010

We now have information about the origin of the fascinating Nativity painting that was posted on this blog over Christmas. Scroll down to The Washing of Baby Jesus to read the comment.


On this day we pray for peace throughout the world, and celebrate the work done by organisations which campaign for peace. Prominent among them is Pax Christi, whose website ( gives a balanced, informed and thoroughly Christian view on the Peace Movement, on issues of peace and about situations in parts of the world where peace is desperately needed. We shall keep a link to this site in the right hand column of our blog from now onwards.


Despite snow, ice and freezing temperatures John, Pam and the rest of the Basics Bank team carry on making up emergency food parcels from the stock on the shelves, all donated in kind or in cash by the people of Lymington and the local area. Instant redundancy does not produce instant DSS payments, so enough food has to be delivered to unlucky families to fill the space between. The new Basics Bank cabin, at the rear of the United Reformed Church, is certainly smarter than the cold old room at the back of our car park which they used last year, but today it doesn't feel much warmer!


To save heating the whole Church on the icy weekday mornings of the past week, on some days arrangements were made to have Holy Mass offered in the relative warmth of the Presbytery Office. Up to about ten parishioners were able to be seated inside the room itself. Even some of those who had to sit on chairs just outside in the corridor said that they felt very involved in a Mass said in such intimate circumstances.
On Wednesday we celebrated the feast of St Hilary, and we welcomed Deacon Hilary from Brockenhurst (far left in the picture), who joined us to celebrate his special day. This photo was taken at the end of Mass. Fr Peter had just given his blessing, and was about to return to the Sacristy.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


As Sr Rosaleen has now reached the end of her six-year term, an election was held today at St Dominic's Convent for a new Prioress. The sisters elected Sr Michelle. We send her our sincere congratulations, promise her our prayers and wish her all success in the years ahead.


Members of the four parishes of our Pastoral area will get together to enjoy this short visit to the home of St Therese, whose relics made such a successful tour of this country during the Autumn. Ferry crossing will be from Portsmouth to Le Havre with LD Lines. Half board will be booked at L'Ermitage, and visits are being arranged to the Carmelite Convent, les Buissonets, Mont Saint Michel and the Benedictine Abbey. Further details and booking forms will be available shortly.


That's Pam in the middle about to throw her hands up in protest when she sees she's going to be shot,but the rest of the Friendship Club and their chauffeurs, enjoying their annual Christmas lunch at the Walhampton Arms and surrounded by their friends, didn't notice what was happening!
When you're looking at a blog remember that if you click on the picture you can see an enlargement.


This year the crib was moved to a new position in front of the altar. The shepherds and the livestock waited respectfully under the arches of the altar, while the Magi travelled along the windowsills at the side of the church until their arrival on the feast of the Epiphany. Some people liked the new arrangement, but perhaps there were some who saw disadvantages. Let us know what you think, by clicking on "comments" below.