Saturday, 26 January 2013

Blessed are the Peace Makers
Our Amnesty Candle
which we have kept lit during this last week
In 1961, British lawyer Peter Benenson launched a worldwide campaign, “Appeal for Amnesty”, with the publication of an article in the Observer newspaper. The article, “The Forgotten Prisoners”, was written after he learned of two Portuguese students who were imprisoned for raising a toast to freedom. Reprinted in newspapers across the world, his appeal marked the beginning of Amnesty International.
On Human Rights Day, 10 December 1961, the first Amnesty International candle – which was to become the organization’s iconic symbol – was lit in the church of St-Martin-in-the-Fields, London.

Cathy Pickles

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Our lovely Altar Server Jasmine as we have never seen her before! 
 She was appearing in New Forest Players production of Aladin at New Milton Memorial Hall. Some 25 parishioners attended last Sunday afternoon thanks, once again, to the brilliant organisational skills of Jackie. 

Afterwards many of us gathered in our own Hospitality Centre for a magnificent afternoon tea prepared for us by Leigh and Pete. 

Cathy Pickles

Friday, 18 January 2013


When the one who claims to love you goes behind your back, and publicly displays his infidelity in the most blatant way, what can you do?     Furthermore, what can be more emotionally destructive of a relationship than when that betrayal is not even to a fellow feline, but to a member of the inferior canine species?    Even human beings should be able to understand that, surely.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

We apologise for the delay in publishing this week’s blog, due to technical problems which have now been resolved.    So now here is our (slightly late) New Year’s Honours List.


It would not be possible to publish all the names and photos of the dozens of parishioners who deserve a gong for their achievements in 2012.   But during the past twelve months we did manage to mention a few of them in your blog

First on our list has to be all those who offer biscuits and cake to the hungry and coffee to those who thirst, deal with the dirty dishes and clean the place up afterwards.    In October your blog published a photo of this lovely quartet who, together with all the others of you who take your turns on the rota, serve us in this humble duty, and so deserve first place in our honours list.  

 The next group who must be honoured are those volunteers who help to improve the appearance of our churches by making the area surrounding our buildings more attractive and welcoming.    Some do it by planting and tending flowers, while this group, photographed for your blog in April, brought light into the garden of St Anne’s.    But no time to rest on your laurels, guys.    Just a few more months and it’s all going to have to be done again!
 Now to acknowledge the excellent work undertaken by those who lead and run Parish groups we select as an example the leaders of the ever popular Friendship Club, whom we blogged in July.       We think the bunch that organize this super group should be honoured by being known as Team CB.
Of course, somebody has to plan, delegate, cajole and remind others to ensure that things happen.   If that doesn’t work they do it themselves.   Such people deserve a gold medal each, and the titles that so often go with them.    This photo, taken in July, is of Sir Danny presenting Dame Cathy with a Papal Blessing, which is an even more prestigious award than being honoured in the Parish Blog.