Friday, 26 February 2010

They're not afraid to show their faith!

Pilate washes his hands at the first of the fourteen Stations of the Cross installed in full view of all the aicraft and other traffic using this American airfield.    We follow the Stations less publicly in our Church in Lymington in a service held every Friday evening during Lent at 7pm.


'Ullo, 'ullo!    So what's going on 'ere then?    Is this a secret agent from the Euro Zone, smuggled in to discover the formula which enables us to produce enough water to make all that coffee without overburdening the National Debt?     No, it's John, just checking that our model CAFOD filter is functioning properly.   (We don't think you should breathe in too deeply while you're so close to it, John, we weren't supposed to leave it in there for that long!)

Thursday, 25 February 2010


A little refreshment after a busy morning around the market?    How pleasant to be served by such a charming couple!    We were not surprised to find Anne handing out the biscuits, but we had been informed that the Saturday morning festivities were being run by members of the Catholic Women's League.    And yet here is David, offering us a cup of coffee!    So has there been a radical change in the regulations governing the qualifications necessary for admission to the ranks of the C.W.L.?    No?    Then is it perhaps time for us fellows to consider the possibilty of forming a Union for Husbands of C.W.L. Members?

Thursday, 18 February 2010


Our Lenten Cross will continue to stand in the Church from now until Good Friday.    The crown of thorns and the rough wooden cross help to remind us of Our Lord's sufferings for us each time during Lent that we visit the Church, which is open all day every weekday and on Saturday mornings.


On Saturday mornings we often welcome Catholics from other local parishes, who join us in our Parish Rooms after Morning Mass.    Here are Sheila, Sarah from Milford, Peggy, Jean from Lyndhurst and Patricia fraternizing over coffee.    (Sarah and Jean often come here, so they know the natives are friendly.)     Sarah edits the New Forest Pastoral Area website, which can be accessed directly from our blog by clicking on its link in our right-hand column, and which always carries our current newsletter, in case you forgot to pick one up.


Every Thursday during Lent Christians from all of Lymington's Churches come together at midday in the St.Thomas Church Hall for a Lenten Lunch.    This week we were able to enjoy a bowl of real home-made soup, with bread, cheese and a cup of tea or coffee, all prepared and presented by ladies from the Baptist Church.     Then at one o'clock there was a short interdenominational service in the Church itself.    The meal costs £3, and all proceeds go to Christian Aid.

Thursday, 11 February 2010


Lent begins this week, on Ash Wednesday February 17th. It will be remembered right across the world, and the fasting and abstinence of Ash Wednesday will be observed everywhere. In Afganistan last year a marine is shown receiving the ashes as he prepared to take his armoured vehicle through territory peppered with I.E.D.'s


We were very sad to hear of the death of Mary (Maura) McHale. Until recently she was a regular daily Mass attender, and had a great devotion to the Rosary and to the Stations of the Cross. We trust and pray that her soul may rest in peace.


Not many of our Parish Councillors could be persuaded to take off their outdoor clothing at this week's meeting of the P.P.C. in the Parish rooms. This photo was taken as Cathy, Frances, Fr Jamie and the other members were getting ready to tackle the packed agenda, which as usual included reports, discussions and the making of recommendations about Parish action, liturgy, sacramental life, prayer and social activities.

Could we have a little less exuberance from that table over there, please!

Have you ever wondered, as you are trying to drink your coffee after Mass, where all that noise is actually coming from? In the true spirit of academic research, a camera was taken in to the Parish Rooms after Mass last Sunday, though a decibel counter would have been more appropriate. Paddy, Jo, Franki and Eileen were laughing so much that Blog had difficulty hearing himself think. What could have been the cause of all this hilarity? Had a little something been added to those now suspiciously empty coffee cups? Or does this month's Portsmouth People include a cartoon page?

Thursday, 4 February 2010


Our Blog has reported on many events taking place in the Parish of Lymington in its attempt to keep you fully informed of all the different enterprises in which our parishioners and their friends are involved. Sadly, as you can see, on this occasion we arrived after the drama was over. The audience had left, the leading lady was recovering from her ordeal, and the humble screwdriver, praised and honoured for the part it had played in the rescue operation, had been returned to its proud owner. The story behind this picture, however, cannot fail to become one of the mighty legends of our hallowed site. Never before in the long history of this parish has so much been owed by one parishioner to so many of her friends. Free at last! What bliss must it have been!


Due the difficulty of driving into deepest Dorset (especially in the kind of weather we've had recently) our Parish S.V.P. Conference has now joined the Southampton District Council. Last Wednesday a meeting of the Southampton Council was held in our Parish to mark our inauguration into membership with them. Tom, who is our President, was welcomed by Keith Powers, President of the Southampton Council (on the right). Our S.V.P. will continue in a spirit of justice and charity, and in complete confidentiality, to help those who are suffering or who need assistance, through the person-to-person involvement of our members. Our Parish Conference meets on Wednesday afternoons.


At the beginning of our Sunday morning Mass, boys and girls leave the church to go to their liturgy classes. Have you wondered what the very young children do there? After the teacher has presented the subject, the little ones do appropriate practical work. What a hive of activity! These kiddies are drawing pictures to illustrate aspects of this week's liturgy best suited to their level of understanding. Iciar, who is teaching this session, really believes in getting down to it. She's on her knees working with one child, whilst the parents assisting her help with others.