Thursday, 25 March 2010

Sadly there will be no new items on our blog this week, as the photo uploading facility, along with the contents of the blog's hard drive and its modem, have all gone down at the same time.    The fault is being investigated and the system is being repaired.    Our apologies to you all; we shall be back with you as soon as possible!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

What we did in Liturgy on Sunday.

First, Catherine read us a story about the Prodigal Son.    The adults in the Church were listening to the same story, but ours was told in words that were easier to understand.     Then Catherine asked us questions, and we talked about it for a bit.     Then she gave us work to do, and the Dads and Mums who were there helped us as well, and then we took our work into the Church.    Then we went up to the altar with it, and it became our part of the Offertory of the Mass.


Cathy:  These are super booklets but there's nowhere to put the money.
Tom:   There's a locked cashbox on the shelf behind my left elbow.
Cathy:  But Tom, how will people put cash in it if it's locked?
Tom:  There's a hole in the top of the cashbox, dear Cathy, a hole.

Reflections for Lent and Easter

Every Wednesday at 10.15am a group of parishioners get together in the Parish Rooms for about an hour to think about the Gospel for next Sunday.     Peter, Sue, Anne, Maura and Audrey are preparing to consider the story of the woman taken in adultery.    The stones on the table in front of them are there to help us realise what the story is actually about.
Guercino (1591-1666) The Woman taken in Adultery
This painting was first shown on our blog in November last year.    The original is at Dulwich Picture Gallery.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

48 hours in the Life of a C.W.L. Member

The Catholic Women's League gather before this week's meeting
On Tuesday members of the Catholic Women's League listened to an interesting talk by Fr Jamie, who spoke of his years in darkest Malawi, where he with one other priest serviced nine churches and some 20,000 parishioners, travelling between villages on a motor bike.  
Only two days after this talk most of those involved in the organisation, the running and the staffing of the Lenten lunch at St Thomas's were C.W.L. members.     After the lunch there was  interdenominational acclaim for the variety and quality of the soups which had been provided.  


In the Footsteps of St.Paul
Fr.Jamie will lead this pilgrimage from April 4th -11th 2011, travelling by air to Greece, then by coach to Thessalonica, Philippi, Berea, Neopolis, Delphi, Athens and Corinth.    Sites to be visited include St Demetrius Basilica, the clifftop Monasteries of Meteora, the Temples of Apollo and Zeus, the Acropolis and the site of St.Paul's sermon at Areopagus.   The price of £785 (30 in group), £835 (25 in group), £895 (30 in group) includes 3/4* twin-bedded accomodation, airport taxes, coach transfers, travel insurance, entrance fees and an English speaking guide.    There are application forms at the back of the Church (£100 deposit required).

Up beyond those high cliffs lies the Judean desert, where Our Lord was tempted by the devil.    In England until quite recently Catholics were expected to fast and abstain every weekday and to abstain every Sunday throughout the whole of Lent.    What a contrast from today!

Friday, 5 March 2010

New Forest Pastoral Area - Confirmation 2010

Tutors - Sr. Maria and Sr.Julie from St Dominic's

First session: next Thursday 11th March from 7pm to 8.30

Sessions will start with a light fun game, bring in some of last year's candidates to share their faith journeys, explore our Salvation History, and look at modern and past saintly heroes. We will study in depth the Sacrament of Confirmation and find out why we need the Holy Spirit in our lives.

We hope parents of this year's candidates will take part in the final part of our sessions by joining with us as we end with a traditional Catholic form of worship - we will pray the Rosary, spend time in Adoration, explore Novenas, the Angelus and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, attend Benediction and during Lent, the Stations of the Cross.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Welcome to our Newest Parishioner!

Last week Rebecca Alison Theodosia Diffey was baptised in our Church.   
 Here are Terry, proud parents Katie and Colin with Rebecca, Sheila, and Colin's parents Veronica and John.     Rebecca is wearing her great-great-great-grandmother's baptismal gown, and her third Christian name Theodosia has been a Christian name in Terry's family for at least seven generations.    What a wonderful start to your Christian life, Rebecca!

Blow Away the Blues .... and All That Jazz!

To see the Ron Dabidge Quartet, click on the dark area at the top of the picture.
As soon as Sunday Mass was over Patricia, Freda and Joan made their way to the King's Arms, where they found themselves in a whoopee spot .... where the wine was cool .... but the saxe was hot .... and All That Jazz!    Just look at those relaxed faces.     But it's Lent!     Never mind, they've resolved to be good tomorrow. 

The Friendship Club Meets Again

Two lovely smiles - on the left is Pam, and that's Joy on the right.
Oh dear, what can the matter be?  Everyone wants to know who was the brave heroine of the dramatic events of the last Friendship Club meeting.   Don't tell them, Pam!
But Joy, surely you're not going to accept a slice of Adele's delicious coffee cake?     You know you shouldn't!