Thursday, 29 July 2010


Adele, David and Mel were among the many parishioners who came to Fr Jamie's leaving party obviously expecting to enjoy a first-rate evening.   In the event it lived up to our highest expectations.   It was a huge pleasure and a real privilege to be present on such an enjoyable and important occasion in the annals of our parish.

A big vote of thanks from us all to Monica for her generous contribution towards the cost of the paella.   It was extremely tasty, and very popular.  We wish the Authentic Paella Company all success in their new venture.

Agnes and Peggy were looking their best, and behind them you can just see one of several tables that were weighed down with the good things that had been brought in by all our generous parish cookery experts.    Congratulations to Clare, Patricia, Pam, Jill, Gerry and Lisa for organizing such a superb party, and also to Peter and John G. and their helpers for their stalwart assistance in the clearing-up afterwards, and to everyone else who helped.

Delia, Joan and Audrey, along with us and all our guests, wish Fr Jamie success, good health and happiness at his new Parish in Abingdon.

Pat and Julia chatted over plates of buffet items, mostly home-cooked by parishioners.   Our thanks to everyone who produced so many mouthwatering items for us.   We couldn't begin to name everybody who contributed, but we must mention Pat herself who made and decorated the fabulous cake which provided the climax to the party.

Just look at this bevy of beauties!   Nikki, Ann and Lily were just sitting there waiting for some handsome fellow to come over and take their photo, weren't they!    So what a disappointment for them, wasn't it!
Margaret and Neil were doing their best to keep Mgr Peter in order.  He'll be away for a while during the summer relieving busy priests in different parts of the country so they can get a few days' holiday.

Paddy and Derek are just two of Fr Jamie's parishioners from Brockenhurst.   We were delighted to see so many of them here with us, and thank them for all their contributions.

Fr Danny came along to meet some of his future parishioners.   He left a deep impression on several of our youngsters, was so popular with the ladies that we couldn't get near enough to take a full photo, and has clearly won Jo's heart!

Now we know what happened to those two dummies that disappeared from Elliott's window last week!   And don't they make them so lifelike nowadays.     You could be forgiven for thinking that it was actually Freda and John S. standing there!

They're both out of the cooler now, and so are the men who are licking them!  Two former prison chaplains Fr Danny and Canon Peter escaped from the slammer for a few minutes freedom and a chance to get to know each other.   A big vote of thanks from them and from us to Jackie for her generous gift of delicious ice creams.
A poem of praise for a popular priest by our own poet Ros (see below), wins much applause, and the evident approval of Father and of Clare.    Bit hard on Jake, though.   It was his birthday  to-day.   At least they could have let him play for a few minutes with that lovely new computer on the table!

One tiny pocket camera can only snap a fraction of the crowd that was packed to the doorways all round the Fuller McLellan Hall.   They all came to show their respect and appreciation of our hugely popular Parish Priest as he thanked his parishioners for their support during his time here.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

And the cake is cut.   It is difficult to believe that this is the end of Fr Jamie's seven years with us.   We have all appreciated the spiritual guidance and the support he has given us.    He has been able to relate so well to everyone in the parish, especially to the young and the elderly. With his good humour and his easy manner he has helped to unite the Parish, and he has ensured that both Lymington and Brockenhurst parishioners were able to receive the Sacraments regularly.   We shall miss him very much.   Here is Ros's tribute:


Of our dear Parish Priest, we hear
We are to be deprived,
Despite your seven years, it seems
You’ve only just arrived.
We’ve only just got used to you,
Oh, this is such a blow,
We’re on our knees and begging here,
Dear Jamie, must you go?

If we had our way, you’d stop here,
Without you we can’t cope,
We’ll protest to the Bishop and
The Cardinal, the Pope,
We’ll blockade the Cathedral,
Take the Vatican by storm,
What, move you on without our say!
Well, I call that bad form!

What do you know of your new place?
Is there a golf course there?
And if so, is it good enough?
Without one you’d go spare.
And has it got a football team.....
Hey, I’ve got an idea,
We’ll come with you to Abingdon,
And they can come down here.

If you stay, here we’ll buy you
The best golf clubs, solid gold,
A super silver hipflask, full,
In case the game gets cold.
We’ll throw in a new sports car,
And we’ll keep you in cigars,
We are not going to let you leave,
Because, you see, you’re ours!

Joking apart, we’re gutted,
And we don’t want you to go;
To put it bluntly, you’re the best,
And we’ll all miss you so.
I suppose we’d be in trouble
If we kept you here by force,
So we’ll pretend you’re coming back,
That you’re just on a course.
by  Ros Brundrett                           

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Pam is greeted by Rini at the start of last Friday's dinner at the Walhampton Arms for the Children of the Universe Foundation.
Pam's husband Robert is welcomed by Keith. The funds raised by Keith and Rini have helped to extend and provide equipment for a school which educates South African children from poor families, who would otherwise be unable to afford a proper education.
Mary, John, Nicholas and Vanessa were among almost fifty guests, mainly from Lymington and Brockenhurst parishes, who enjoyed a good meal, competed in the auctions and took part in the raffle. Many of the guests won prizes, but the big winners were the South African children.


The star of last Sunday's baptism ceremony was Abigail Patricia Myers, shown here with proud parents Claire and William.   We welcome her into our parish family, and wish her every blessing in the future.


The introduction of a star Milford player into our parish teams (Sarah, the editor of the New Forest Pastoral Area website, second from the right in the photo) failed to prevent a Methodist massacre at Saturday's Inter-Church Quiz, hosted by the URC.    Yet we did not allow defeat to depress us, as you can see from this picture of our teams.
Photo by Frances

Thursday, 15 July 2010


It’s a good few years since Paddy last mounted the scaffolding.    Then it was his hard work which saved the disintegrating interior brickwork of our Church from crumbling into piles of red dust.     Now his legs are not as good as they used to be, but his mind is as sharp as ever.   God bless, you, Paddy, for the many hours you put in to help us to keep our Church.


The biscuits were rather neglected when Clare, Ellen, Nora, Freda, Joan and Patricia came along to the coffee morning yesterday, but a remarkable level of interest was shown in the delicious homebaked cup cakes.
Meanwhile serious discussion was taking place on the table occupied by Tom, Peter, Fr Jamie, Lesley, John Stephenson and John Collins.      At least, that’s what appears to be happening! 
Our hostess, Tina, had produced the cakes, kept our coffee cups so well filled and made us all feel so much at home that we were reluctant to leave.
Tina's husband Adrian, snapped here as he was talking with Cathy, looks as though he is expecting to do the washing up later.    
photos by Frances


Each week the money collected at the weekend Masses is counted by two parishioners working together, according to a select roster.      This week it was the turn of Pat, shown here checking the envelopes, and Mary, who is totting up the coins.    Their task is easier this year because of the number of  people who now pay by standing order.

Saturday, 10 July 2010


Sr Michelle thought it would be a lovely idea to give Fr Thomas Dunne a present because he is retiring to Romsey to be looked after by the nuns there.   He's taken by surprise.   What is it? he wants to know, and he's not too sure about accepting it.   It's probably a jack-in-the-box, Father.    (He roars with laughter when we pull his leg.)    He was ordained thirty-seven years ago, after many years as a teacher.   Since then he has served as a priest in this diocese, most recently in Milford.   The nuns at Romsey will love having him.   Very best wishes to you, Father, from all of us.

Thursday, 8 July 2010


We know that, during Mass, Christ is made really present among us: Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity by the action of the Holy Spirit through His ordained priest during the consecration of the hosts. At the start of Adoration, Our Lord, who is truly present in the Consecrated Host (the Blessed Sacrament) is exposed in a Monstrance and placed on the altar for public adoration and worship.  We consider it a great privilege and blessing to be able to adore the Blessed Sacrament.  Obviously Our Lord must never be left exposed in the Monstrance without anyone in attendance. Adoration takes place in our Church on the first Tuesday of every month from 10am till 11am. Can you spare a few minutes once a month to be in the presence of Our Blessed Lord?
photo by Cathy


On Tuesday the C.W.L. held their annual strawberry tea in Eileen's lovely garden, and as usual invited lady members of other Christian denominations to join them.   This year the charity which benefitted from their generosity was "Help for Heroes".
It happened to be June's birthday, so Margaret wasn't the only person wishing her well that day.
photos by Barbara


When you come in to the Parish Rooms after morning Mass on Saturday or Sunday, you aren't obliged to drink coffee.  You don't have to have anything!   Today Nikki has decided not to partake, Ellen has a cup of tea  and as for Veronica, ignore that classic dessert wine glass, for it contains only cool, clear water.   50p the lot!   And all the really good chat you could wish for!   Where else would you get value like that?

Thursday, 1 July 2010


Liz and Peter Tunney taking the money at the entrance - at least Peter has found some shade from the sun.

Nekita Young and her boys are trying their hand at Plate Decorating with Lyndsey Farwell giving some helpful advice.

Lisa Thurston with Teacher Linda Rodway manning the fresh produce stall - Luke Thurston hiding behind Mrs Rodway. 

Our Irish Dance troupe being put through their paces by Dance Teacher Bernie Orr.
Headteacher Irene Craddick and Chair of Governors, David Thornicroft sneak a quick sit down toward the end of the PTA Fete.
All photos and reports by Cathy