Sunday, 15 March 2015

Sunday 15/03/2015 baptism of Daniel Smith

 Sunday marked the baptism of Daniel Smith son of Simon and Gosia Smith
Gosia is from Poland.

Also 40 years a priest for Father Vincent dating back to 1975.
Father was a bit upset by Irelands performance in the six nations rugby league competition...However we did offer to sing flower of Scotland or the Welsh anthem to make things better but he declined that ... :)

here are some more pictures to record the event

The christening

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Children's liturgy 8/03/2015 Jesus was angry in the temple

Sunday the children discussed the bible story of when Jesus entered the temple At the sight of merchants and market sellers in the sacred temple Jesus became very angry and overturned the tables causing chaos.
The event was likened to allowing a modern being able to sell their goods such as bread eggs milk and meat etc within the actual church. The children were asked if they would agree to seeing a supermarket being allowed within the church for convenience but they all objected to that.

In addition they were asked if items such as X box or play stations or indeed the WII should be made available in church along with television but the didn't feel it was appropriate to allow such objects. Church is for praying and singing as a community.

It was put to the children that perhaps the mass should be televised and then they could easily watch it from home. However it was agreed that the purpose of church and being a Christian was to share the experience of worship and join together United at least once a week.

Though Christ's reaction and anger was quite shocking and disturbing it was agreed by the children that Christ was right to evict the traders and market people from the temple.
The children then coloured in the variousmarket stalls and animals for the display board as shown below.