Thursday, 28 July 2011


Welcome from all of us to Fr Danny's brother John and to his wife Katie who are here on a visit with Hamish. Young Hamish is certainly a chip off the old block - during Mass this morning he inspected the area around him with great energy and made several rearrangements of items which he considered to be in inappropriate places.


                                                                                                                                     photo by Frances
Last Saturday the Parent Teacher Association held a Fiesta in the School grounds in Ramley Road. It was a very pleasant afternoon, and the relaxed atmosphere was a tribute to the way in which everything had been organized.

                                                                                  photo by Frances
Look, it really is a fiesta! Where better to take a photo of Marina and Anna than in front of the paella stall?  

                                                                              photo by Frances
That's a nice photo of Audrey and Mary, but where's the stallholder? Frances, where are you? Oh, don't say she's gone multitasking again!

                                                                                 photo by Frances
Here's Brad and James, about to start coaching some of our future stars some of the skills of soccer. They'll make sure the youngsters learn the long and the short of it! Thank you, lads, for giving up your time to help the School.

                                                                                       photo by Frances
  The children entertained us with a number of delightful displays ....

                                                                                      photo by Frances
 ..... keenly watched by an audience of talent scouts from Strictly Come Dancing.  

                                                                                     photo by Frances
 Alex and Cathy wisely take a few moment's break. Watching all that physical activity is so exhausting!

 After the fiesta is over, the draw prizes are awarded. Liz interrupts the dancing class at the Parish Centre to present Bernadette with her prize. 

                                                                                          photo by Louise
 And what's she doing giving John a prize! He's not supposed to get a prize. They've fixed it up between them, haven't they! It's a swindle!

                                                                                     photo by Frances
 Meanwhile, back at the School, once the kiddies had abandoned it the organizers, stallholders, staff, and governors were having a whale of a time on the bouncy castle. And is that our new head trying not to be noticed in the back row?     We'll tell you more later.  


Nicky's daughter Ruth has come all the way from New Zealand and she's so happy to see her Mum. Do all the ladies in New Zealand wear nice flowers in their hair? Oh, no, they're in a pot on the wall behind her .... but they do suit her don't they!


This is Fernando, and he's a rascal! Last Tuesday morning, at about 4am, he noticed that the counter on our blog had reached 9958, so he went into and out of the programme 42 times between then and 5am so he could be the first to reach 10,000, and he's ridden all the way to Lymington to tell us, and to make his excuses. He has been sentenced, as you can see, to a public blogging. He has also offered to do community service for the parish in reparation (he's found lodgings here) so if you want to take him up on this offer, let us know and we'll contact him. 

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

On Tuesday the funeral took place of Mrs Jackie Griffiths, a well-loved, respected and very competent member of the staff of Our Lady and St Joseph School, in the Church of Our Lady of Mercy and St Joseph. Her death has deeply saddened all those who knew her, she will be greatly missed. A tribute to this lovely lady, written by her colleague Maria Rodriguez-Delgado, can be found among the Pages in our right-hand column.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Are you our 10,000th visitor?

One day during this coming week, it is likely that the 10,000th visitor to our Parish blog will be recorded on the counter. When you log in this week, press Ctrl End to see if you are the winner of the mystery prize! If you are the lucky one, click on the word "comments" below, giving your name, phone or email and the exact time you saw the counter.

Thursday, 21 July 2011


The kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls; when he finds one of great value he goes and sells everything he owns and buys it.                                                                                                                     from this Sunday's Gospel (Matt.13,46)


Last Friday the children, parents , friends, parishioners, family and governors of Our Lady and St Joseph's School said Goodbye to Mrs Irene Cradick, who had been the headteacher there for twenty years. A number of presentations were made to her by Chairman of the Governors David Thornicroft, who thanked her for the hard work she had put in and for the outstanding leadership she had given to the School.
When Irene was appointed, the school consisted of the present brick building, outside toilets and a wooden hut. Governors had been applying to the Diocese for many years to replace the school and it was during Irene's tenure that permission was finally granted. She wasted no time in showing her remarkable leadership qualities in working with the Governors and the Education Authorities to bring about the establishment of the magnificent new school we now have in Ramley Road.
 Her outstanding service was recognised by the Bishop of Portsmouth, on behalf of whom Fr.Danny presented her with the Diocesan Award. We all wish her a long and happy retirement.


Some months ago, at the Church of Our Lady and St Joseph, a crack appeared in the rendering above the sanctuary arch. Last week all the rendering was removed to expose the brickwork, and the arch was repaired and restored. Broken mortar was removed, rods were inserted to tie the bricks together, and the brickwork bonded with resin for additional strength. It is hoped that the work will be completed this week, so that the scaffolding can be taken down by the weekend.

As a result of the liturgical changes implemented at Vatican II the celebrant now faces the congregation during Mass. An effect of this is that sometimes whilst attending to what is happening on the altar we can become less mindful of the Presence of Our Lord, here with us in the Holy Eucharist. Once the work on the arch has been completed this crucifix will be suspended above the altar. It will help us to be more aware of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, made present to us in the Holy Sacrament of the Mass.

To stop the scraping sounds and damage to the floor as pews are moved, thin pads have been attached underneath the feet of the pews and kneelers.  


 photo by Frances
Peggy didn't get home in time for her birthday, after all. So the Hospital kindly allowed the use of a small room, and some of her friends went up there to help her to celebrate it. There's more photos on her page. (The pages are at the top of the right hand column of this blog.)


                                                                                                        photo from  Ancient Richborough
Here's John on pilgrimage at Walsingham waiting for Mass to begin in the sodium-lit Church of the Shrine. He was there last week with other rain-soaked worshippers who were mostly from the local Ordinariate, including Fr Edwin and Jane. Despite the wet weather John was so impressed that he's already started planning to go again next year.


A quick glance round the coffee room late on Saturday morning failed to reveal a corpse, although a few of the parishioners still there at that time were beginning to show signs of imminent decay. But don't worry, Clare hasn't come to perform an autopsy. She's been standing in a howling gale on an exposed Waterside green on behalf of the Lymington Town Ladies Bowling Club!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

The very first Papal tweet ever was the Pope's announcement last week that the Vatican had opened a new website in English called The Vatican Today  [], which doesn't try to cover everything in the way that Papa Ratzinger's blog [] does, but is sensibly selective. There are plenty of links for anyone who wants to explore further, and it's a great relief for those of us whose Italian has seen better days (or no days at all) not to have to interpret our browser's pidgin English. We have added links both to this new site, and to the excellent Vatican Radio website [], in our right-hand column.


Last Wednesday there was a party for those who have served on either the St Joseph's or St Anne's Pastoral Councils or Finance Committees to thank them for their efforts over the past years, and to help them to get to know each other better. They didn't need any encouragement to start mixing!

Like many of those who came, Michael, Pam, Eileen, Catherine and Edelweiss are already sharing thoughts about how the two former parishes can work together as one unit.

Even though the food has been set out, everyone's still discussing the ways in which our togetherness as a community will affect the way we do things. Here are Clare and Mary, who already work with each other on the Pastoral Area Council, and either or both of them may well have pivotal roles in the new Parish Council.

Here's a trio who appreciate good food. What a delicious spread we've had. Where's that banoffee pie gone to? Nick and John thought they had found a really safe place to put it, but they hadn't expected it to be quite so well guarded!

                                                                             photo by Frances
My camera's been snatched again (it's the other John speaking). You would think, wouldn't you, that camera snatching couldn't happen in an honest community like ours. And then, to sneak up behind a chap just when he was having a few quiet minutes away from the crowd with a lovely girl like Lesley - it's not fair, is it! (The trouble is, we bloggers just can't get the assistants these days.) 


                                                                                                                        photo by Frances
It's no use, Peggy; the doctors will not let you return today because they haven't yet finished sorting out the problem. So Peggy's got to spend her ninetieth birthday in hospital in Southampton. Ellen, Joan and Tom are among the parishioners who've visited her, and now she's got Danny Boy with her all the time. Where did she get him from? She's not telling!

Thursday, 7 July 2011


An unexpectedly warm welcome awaited our intrepid reporter when he boldly went to last Saturday's fete.  He had feared having to face the reaction of the community of St Anne's to the news that we are all now one Parish, and to the even more terrifying thought that all of us now become potential targets for the Parish blog.    But he needn't have worried!

It's no use, David. Kieran's been around long enough to know the difference between a piece of chocolate money wrapped in gold paper and a £1 coin!

I say, that's a good win. I think we'll have another go. Come on, Cedric, give it a good spin! 

Now here's a really satisfied customer. She's delighted with what she's bought at Jo and Terri's cosmetics stall.

As you can see, Helen has no fear of being blogged. And what a technique! It'll be surprising if she has very much left on her stall by the end of the afternoon.

Bill's in a real quandry. Even if he can resist the lure of the two bottles of whisky, he's still going to have to overcome Jill's selling power! Just watch him .... his resistance is crumbling! 

Hold your breath, everyone. It looks as though Louise could be about to make a sale to Josephine. Yes, it is a bit small - but you know what Schumacher said....... 

Now Sean's got a problem. Lisa hasn't any change. Are those big white £5 notes they used to take in Elliots still valid? Go on, Andrew, you've got some coins in your pocket - don't be mean!

Now, Theresa, you know you could do with a few more spoons in your cutlery drawer. Because if you don't buy them, Anne'll try to sell you that monster clothes dryer!


The first new parishioner of our new Parish made his debut on Sunday morning at Lymington. He is Magnus Nathan Fonder.

Fr Danny introduced him after the Sunday Mass at Our Lady and St Joseph, but as most of us had omitted to bring our opera glasses, here is a close-up for you all. Isn't he lovely!


That seriously undersold Catholic weekly newspaper The Tablet carried a letter on June 11th from our own Mgr Peter Ryan. It concerns the untimely Vatican order to cancel the Methodist Conference's ordination service in Liverpool's magnificent Catholic Cathedral.   Father Peter, in a classic Ryanesque understatement, described this decision as "... rather sad."    Fortunately the members of our local Methodist circuit are far too Christian to retaliate by cancelling at the last minute the next time Mary books their hall for one of her spiritual workshops!